Sustainable Saturday!

Welcome to Sustainable Saturday which we have created to mark the UN ‘World Day for the Eradication of Poverty’, and to launch a ‘Crowdfunder’ Quest to raise funds and awareness for a Consumer Campaign Platform for Sustainability and Ethics in the Chocolate Industry.

The Chocolate War
Interview with Miki Mistrati and Terry Collingsworth

Miki Mistrati is a multi award winning director, executive producer, journalist and novelist, currently working with BBC and Channel 4. He has directed and produced over 70 documentaries for international broadcasters and is well known for ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate’ and ‘ Shady Chocolate’.

Miki has spent the last 6 years working on his follow up film, ’The Chocolate War’, which follows the work of US human rights lawyer Terry Collingsworth. Terry has made it his life’s mission to get convictions against the leading food manufacturers in the world, such as Nestlé, who hide the truth about their chocolate production from the consumer; a production that is based on a systematic use of child slavery.

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Sat 17th

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