Sustainable Practice and Zero Waste Packaging

Chocolate That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

In this interesting discussion, James from J.Cocoa will be covering these important topics:

1. How to ethically and sustainably source ingredients. This is in reference particularly to cocoa beans, but also other ingredients that get forgotten about, such as sugars and milk. How to reduce packaging waste, plastics, airmiles, and ensure workers fair pay.

2. Sustainable production practices, looking at the production cycle & equipment choices/designs and areas where and how he is able to reduce waste and energy throughout this. (such as only using electricity or manual equipment with no use of gas etc with a aim to add measures like solar panels to eventually be entirely self sufficient).

3. The products created & the ‘minimal waste for maximum taste’ packaging choices to leave no imprint behind other than on people palettes!

If you have any specific questions you’d like James to address in his talk, you can email him in advance at

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Weds 14th

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