Origin: Jamaica – One One Cacao

One/One Cacao started as a challenge. Nick Davis was working as a foreign correspondent in the Caribbean for BBC News and was doing a story about the Grenada Chocolate Company. He interviewed its legendary co-founder Mott Green, a New Yorker who relocated to the island and started an organic and sustainable farming co-operative that took the cocoa from bean to bar. 

“My family originally came from Jamaica and I said I’d love to do something similar on the island, he told me that if I was really interested I should make my own chocolate. Fast forward 4 years and One/One Cacao have a small award winning manufactory in the cocoa growing parish of St Mary that sources beans locally and from across the island, from St Thomas and Portland in the East, through to St Catherine, Clarendon and Trelawny in the centre, as well as from in Hanover in the West.  

We work hands on with individual farmers and co-ops and know exactly where our beans come from, good beans in – great chocolate out. 

The company now also does online experiences in making bean to bar chocolate with guests from around the world.”

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