Martin Christy: Sensory Tasting

So what’s that flavour note? In the new world of tasting fine chocolate as if it’s wine, it’s great to explore all the nuances and interesting flavour notes in a good dark or milk chocolate.

Being a ‘connoisseur’ is not quite so easy though. Tastes are based on aroma and it seems that our brains are wired in quite a different way when it comes to remembering an aroma than, say, a colour. Smell is associated with memories and emotions so identifying them is often tricky, especially if ‘that’ taste you just can’t name is being tasted inside another food.

Martin Christy explores how we can develop our senses to identify the flavour notes in fine chocolate through flavour awareness, conscious eating, practice and by eating more chocolate!

Martin is a founder and Director of the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting and Judging Director of the International Chocolate Awards and a teacher of the Certified Certificate in Chocolate Tasting courses.

To view a copy of the IICCT chocolate flavour map, click here.

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