Sustainable Saturday!

Welcome to Sustainable Saturday which we have created to mark the UN ‘World Day for the Eradication of Poverty’, and to launch a ‘Crowdfunder’ Quest to raise funds and awareness for a Consumer Campaign Platform for Sustainability and Ethics in the Chocolate Industry.

“Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all”

Norfolk (UK) based chocolate sommelier and enthusiast Lynn Lockwood has been in discussions with a trusted band of chocolate consumers, informers and makers who want to see a change in chocolate to create a new campaign platform for sustainability and ethics in the chocolate industry.

October 17th seemed like the obvious date to launch our ‘Crowdfunder’ Campaign during the Digital Chocolate Festival as it coincides with such an important day, the UN World Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Lynn’s background is in ‘fighting extreme poverty’ when at the age of 18 she met the international anti-poverty movement ATD Fourth World, an organisation founded by people living in poverty themselves and addressing the fact of poverty being a violation of Human Rights.

“ I first met ATD in September 1988 and learnt how the previous October 17th 100,000 people from all backgrounds responded to a call from Joseph Wresinski to come together in Paris to celebrate the first ‘World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty’ at the Plaza of Human Rights in Paris. It was so impressive and I learnt so much then as I continue to do today directly from the people who live and fight poverty every day of their lives. “

Since I became involved in the big and sometimes bad and sometimes beautiful world of chocolate, the question I always have, in the back of my mind, is where is the voice of the poorest people in that industry chain? It’s not just about fighting and demanding better from the big companies but in craft chocolate too, we all need to do better, myself included.
My hopes though creating a campaign platform for those who really want to see positive action and change rather than ‘green’ washing, is that we will constantly encourage and challenge each other to do better, to be transparent to acknowledge and except when we are not.

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