Cacao Club: Cacao Meditation and Sound Healing

Join Rosalind Daws for a beautiful new experience of the magic of chocolate. Working with Forever Cacao’s ceremonial grade raw cacao Rosalind will draw on over twenty years experience in the world of energy and mediation to craft a very special journey for this Sunday afternoon.

Cacao is a heart opener – both physically and energetically. In Rosalind’s expert hands you will turn your attention inwards to meet yourself and cacao in a way that is not available in day-to-day life. 

Rosalind is a Reiki teacher and practitioner, with training in mindfulness, crystals, sound and movement. She has been working with Forever Cacao’s ceremonial cacao for the last four years in meditative and movement settings, as well as it being a core part of her own healing and practice. She is offering a guided journey with cacao, voice and sound for the festival, incorporating simple techniques that can be used anywhere to encourage awareness, calm and well-being.

Suitable for anyone, whether completely new to this work or an expert with years of practice, fully guided and held, this session promises to be an island of peace in your Sunday schedule. 

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Sun 18th

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