Exploring cocoa pods!

My children had so much fun exploring this fresh cocoa pod that I brought home from the Cocoa Runners Canopy Market Takeover last week.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to share with them, but fresh pods are not readily available in the UK. The conversation and ideas prompted by this exploration have made me determined to get hold of some to introduce to my school workshop sessions! So much language from my 3 year old, who was able to independently tell me that it smelled like pear.

All three children (from 3 to 12 years old) were involved in a discussion around smells, tastes, textures. They wanted to know: “How was cut down? Why is it this colour? Can we roast the pod? What happens if we put the beans straight in the oven? How much chocolate would this make?”… and so much more. But the best thing for me was that they all willingly tasted the cocoa pulp. I love the way sessions like these – child led and investigative – get kids trying out all sorts of things they never would at home!