Our 2020 Torquay exhibitors.

The Dartmoor Chocolate Company is a purveyor of confectionery. We specialise in all manner of sweets, chocolates, ice creams, sorbets and entremet. Our aims are simple: we want to get back to basics – making the good stuff in the old fashioned way, without all these newfangled commercial additives; and we want to provide high-quality treats for all at fair prices. We’re still a young company, so our range will be expanding in the coming months and years, but if you have something special in mind, do get in touch – we’re always happy to accommodate bespoke requests!
English Spirit Distillery are one of the UK’s original craft distilleries. They produce the world’s widest variety of spirits and liqueurs from scratch, under one roof. They make everything themselves, from scratch, in very small batches, using fresh & local ingredients where possible: vodka, gin, rum, brandy, sambuca, single malt, and a range of fresh fruit liqueurs. One of their latest releases is our first Cornish product, St Piran’s Rum.
Handmade by Rose makes fresh chocolate truffles, bars and caramels by hand in Rose’s kitchen in Devon. Each truffle is individually hand rolled 3 times, once to shape and twice to coat in chocolate, ensuring each morsel is unique. The freshest ingredients are used to create a delectable experience in every bite!
At Harth we sell beautifully boxed vegan chocolate truffles. Online and at shows we currently sell boxes of our original sea salt truffles as well as a winter selection of chocolate truffles flavoured with whiskey, coffee and our popular ‘fireside’ truffle with hints of wood smoke, cinnamon and cayenne. At festivals we are also able to sell our truffles individually, and bring along fresh truffles to bag on the day for anyone wanting to mix and match their own flavour selection. We also provide samples of each flavour for customers to try.
Langley’s use Just the right amount of luxury Belgian chocolate combined with caramel, nougat and honeycomb with inspiring flavours to create their Rocky Road. Created to be experienced.
Salcombe Dairy has been making quality ice cream and sorbets from their small site in Devon’s southernmost town for 40 years. Our chocolate ice cream includes our very special Salcombe Mud and Chocolate Sorbet! We also make fantastic bean to bar chocolate in a growing market that follows the trends set by small coffee producers, the key to achieving the best product is the selection of ingredients. Each cocoa bean has thousands of different flavours to be discovered, this can only be done if care is taken in the processing of the beans. Don’t believe us come and try some!
SEED LOGOS White on Blue
Seed are an award winning craft chocolate maker. Vegan. Direct trade. Dairy free. Soy free. Created in Staffordshire. UK. Along with only a small amount of other UK producers, we are a micro-batch bean to bar chocolate maker. Fine flavour cacao beans are imported directly to us from family farms and cooperatives around the world, giving them a say in how the beans are treated from the moment they’re harvested and ensuring the best possible price for cocoa farmers in some of the world’s poorest regions. So whilst tasting good, it’s doing good also.
Solkiki Chocolatemaker are one of the Kingdom’s rare and much sought after bean-to-bar makers with over 60 major international awards across all categories. Solkiki make single-estate, organic and directly traded chocolate. Visit the Exeter Chocolate Festival and stop by the Solkiki stall to meet the makers and taste world class chocolate from the darkest darks to the lightest whites: single estates, inclusions, sugar-free and unroasted. Remarkably, everything they produce is vegan-friendly and dairy-free, even British Gold White Chocolate!
Zara’s Chocolates – Handmade chocolates from Bristol. From our main range of chocolate bites and flavoured bars, to decorative seasonal additions, and hot chocolate stirrers.
Grim Reaper Foods produce specialist chilli products – Heat That Comes For You, high branded high strength chilli products, chocolate to die for…
Janet Lewis Chocolates – Handmade premium quality chocolates, made in Devon.
L’ Amour du Chocolat based in Devon produces exquisite creations every day, handcrafted using only the finest chocolate that is sustainably sourced.
Michelle Edwards of Country Corner Cake Decorating is an award winning cake designer and a “Paul Bradford Approved Tutor” She offers cake decorating courses around Devon for all ages and abilities. Also available are cupcake decorating classes for children. Aswell as promoting her cake courses, Michelle will be selling slices of her amazing chocolatey cakes!
Extreme Chocolate‘s brownies are decadent dense & delicious. Baked in Torquay, without compromise with ethically sourced Belgian chocolate, butter, Black Dog Farm (Crediton) free range eggs…..and sandwiched with amazing flavours! Gluten free and vegan brownies also available.