For the Chocolate Makers: Ask the Chocolatier

David Greenwood-Haigh; chef, chocolatier and international chocolate consultant believes he has the best job in the world – travelling and training people to make bean to bar chocolate and chocolate products, whilst helping them to develop eco-tourism and stimulating additional revenue in origin. David’s passion stems from the fact chocolate isn’t just a treat or a sweet indulgence, it’s a safari of the senses that can take you across continents and into the heart of a narrative that reaches back for millennia. David is passionate about the stories of distant shores, of discovery and adventure. The story of chocolate for him is one of intrigue and political drama. It’s a story of progress, of enterprise and science. Most of all, it’s a story of passion — a passion that has conquered the world and which continues to bring people together on a shared, delicious journey.

Join David for this special opportunity to ask any questions you may have eating away or holding you back on your chocolate journey.

Micro-influencer Marketing For Chocolate Brands

Join Lilla Toth-Tatai, chocolatier and founder of Little Beetle Chocolates in this talk on how you can leverage the power of craft chocolate enthusiasts on social media. Lilla will share tips and case studies with you for creating mutually beneficial collaborations that bring more visibility to your brand and help you find new loyal customers – even if your marketing budget is tight!