About Celebrate Cacao

Ethical, Educational and Delicious!

At Celebrate Cacao our mission is to share our passion for, and educate others about the fine quality, bean-to-bar, ethically produced chocolate being made right here in the UK!

About Me

I will always remember the first time I tasted amazing, life-changing chocolate. I was 314613_10150852020400511_1310102217_nvisiting the Belmont Estate – a cacao plantation in Grenada, and was able to see firsthand how the Grenada Chocolate Company made chocolate from tree-to-bar. I was completely captivated, and that experience from 10 years ago has taken me on this adventure to discover, learn about, taste and educate others about real chocolate!

I founded Celebrate Cacao after leaving my career as a primary school and SEN teacher in order to set up a business that was a better fit for my family. I have since gone on to:

  • Set up two in-person chocolate festivals, and a digital chocolate festival promoting and advocating for ethically made craft chocolate.
  • Become certified in chocolate tasting with the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting.
  • Create a programme of chocolate workshops for schools, which I teach across Devon, Cornwall and further afield.
  • Judge on the Academy of Chocolate Awards and the Taste of the West Awards.
  • Work freelance for the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting as Logistics Co-ordinator and Teacher.
  • Teach my own chocolate tasting sessions for private and corporate groups.

I love to teach, and I love chocolate! I am always happy to discuss any projects, events, workshops or tastings. Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on hello@celebratecacao.co.uk with your ideas.